Ready to improve your life with the sound of well-being?

We know pretty well what it means to feel stressed, irritated, or having trouble sleeping. But hey, good news ahead: the right playlist can change your whole day! With HealthTunes®, streaming music therapy is at your fingertips to feel better, calmer and more relaxed — anytime, anywhere.

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What is streaming music therapy, and how can it be good for you?

Music is the soundtrack to our lives and health: music can make us feel happy, sad, energetic, or relaxed. Since music can impact our emotions, it can also be an effective therapy supplement to treat specific conditions, including anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, and burnout. HealthTunes®’ scientists and doctors develop therapies to improve your well-being by mixing music with binaural beats and tones to entrain health and relaxation.

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Our features

  • Free access to all playlists, anytime, anywhere.
  • Create personalized Collections by adding your favourite tunes.
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Are you a supervisor?

Discover and edit HealthTunes® features to personalize and improve your patients' music prescription.

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